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Tell Your Home Business Success Story In Wayland

Tell Your Home Business Success Story In Wayland If you are a Wayland home based business owner, you have a story. Perhaps you don’t think your story is very interesting, but I bet others would. Especially other Wayland folks who would like to own their own Wayland Xocai Xe Direct Sales or internet business.

Your personal story can be used as a case study in your marketing materials. Think of the memorable personal stories that could be drawn from the lives of these famous entrepreneurs:

Walt Disney (Started an empire with a vision and a small loan.)
Martha Stewart (Made DIY home decorating chic and rebounded after legal troubles.)
Warren Buffet (Where do I start?)

In addition to using experiences from your own life as a direct marketer in Wayland, you can use stories about how your products, services, or financial opportunity has affected one of your customers or team members.

If no interesting stories immediately come to mind, don’t dismiss this effective marketing tool. Just keep it in mind as you go about your business in the next few weeks.

As you interact with your home business customers and people in your Wayland network, something might pique your interest. Jot it down for future development.

If you observe your business interactions from a storyteller’s perspective, the marketing possibilities will jump out at you.

How has my experience as a Xocai Xe network marketer in Wayland dramatically improved my life? Email me today and I’ll tell you all about it. -I’ll be back

Derrick Winkel
Wayland, Michigan 49348 949 412-1001

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Can Healthy Chocolate Help Fibromyalgia in Martin?

Shelbyville Acai Berries If you are one of the many Middleville fibromyalgia sufferers, you know how difficult life can be with this debilitating condition. Extreme muscle pain and chronic fatigue are the most common physical symptoms, but sufferers also experience mental and emotional problems such as depression and problems focusing.

The following information is from the Mayo Clinic:

“Fibromyalgia occurs in about two percent of the population in the United States. Women are much more likely to develop the disorder than are men, and the risk of fibromyalgia increases with age. Fibromyalgia symptoms often begin after a physical or emotional trauma, but in many cases there appears to be no triggering event.”

Xocai healthy chocolate can help Wayland fibromyalgia sufferers by reducing inflammation, increasing energy and promoting alertness.

In 2006, a fibro patient named Mike reluctantly tried Xocai at the urging of his wife, Beverly.

“Wow…was I in for an awakening! Once I started on Xocai Activ and Nuggets, I began to notice a difference in just 4 days…that’s right, 4 days! In two weeks, I was so much better, I was talking to family, friends and work associates all the time about this great discovery I had made.

Since Mike found relief, many people in Middleville have discovered the best-tasting health supplement for fibromyalgia sufferers; Xocai antioxidant chocolate. If you have fibromyalgia symptoms and live in Shelbyville, Martin, or Bradley, contact me at 949 412-1001 to try Xocai dark chocolate.

As a special note, Xocai likes to remind all my friends in Middleville that these statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Xocai Protein Bars for Middleville Body Builders

Middleville Body Builders Many former protein powder users in Wayland and Shelbyville have switched to bars simply for convenience.

Unwrapping a bar is easier than mixing powders and washing shaker cups. However, some are waiting for the perfect meal-on-the-go that comes in a wrapper. If you are still blending protein shakes because you haven’t found a bar that meets your criteria for muscle building, weight loss and quick energy, your wait is over. Xocai Protein Bars have everything you need in a sports bar plus antioxidants and fiber!

Once you taste a Xocai Protein Bar you may wonder how it can taste like a decadent Swiss chocolate bar without all the refined sugar. Organic agave syrup is the key. The agave syrup we use has a glycemic index of only 27. A glycemic index number is a measure of how a carbohydrate affects blood glucose levels. Carbs with a low glycemic index such as agave help reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and weight gain.

Wayland weight lifters, Martin runners, Middleville high-school athletes call or text 949 412-1001 now to order Xocai Protein Bars: The Dark Chocolate Protein Bar. My name is Derrick Winkel. I hold healthy chocolate meetings regularly so interested people can taste Xocai healthy chocolate products and learn about Wayland direct marketing success.

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What Is The Wayland Health Chocolate Story?

Middleville Passive Income Brunswick Laboratories, the leaders in antioxidant testing, have been very busy measuring ORAC values of Xocai healthy chocolate. MXI, makers of Xocai, sent samples of the new 2010 formulations of each of their products. That’s right; Xocai has made their antioxidant dark chocolate even healthier.

MXI has been posting graphs showing the results as they have become available. You can see The Whole Story on our corporate website. Check out the results for for Activ in the picture above.

What does this mean to a Wayland dark chocolate aficionado? Or a Shelbyville chocoholic? A Martin hot cocoa connoisseur? How about a Bradley chocolate cookie monster?

It means that if you replace your unhealthy chocolate with Xocai antioxidant chocolate, you will feel better, physically and mentally. Xocai carries a product for every type of Middleville chocolate junkie.

If you are not sure which one you will like best, you may want to order Xocai’s ‘Best Sellers’ Variety Pack. It contains Nuggets, X Powersquares, Omega Squares and XoBiotic Squares.

Are you craving chocolate yet? Call me at 949 412-1001. I can hook you up with the most delicious health chocolate you have ever tasted!

I’ll be back

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What Is An Adaptogen?

Middleville Antioxidant Chocolate Call me for more information about adaptogens at 949 412-1001.

When we are healthy, our body works as a complex machine that self-regulates the processes that are essential to life. Our heart tirelessly powers circulation, our respiratory system hums along exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide, and our nervous system reliably directs our muscular system to allow both voluntary and involuntary movement.

Homeostasis is a state of balance in which all the bodily systems are are working properly. The endocrine system maintains homeostasis by producing and secreting hormones in response to positive and negative feedback.

Xocai Xe Energy drink contains several ingredients that help maintain homeostasis. Guarana, Maca, Yerbe Mate and Cocao are all known as ‘adaptogens’. Adaptogens are herbs that positively affect the entire organism as a whole. They promote general well-being, stamina and vitality. They help us manage stress without getting sick. They help us stay calm and focused so we can function at our best.

When our bodies are operating in a state of homeostatic imbalance, we are at risk for disease. Some conditions caused by a lack of homeostasis are diabetes, hypoglycemia and dehydration.

If you would like to try Xocai Xe Energy beverage or learn more about Xocai healthy chocolate, call me at 949 412-1001.

I am Derrick Winkel, an independent Xocai antioxidant chocolate distributor. I operate out of Wayland and serve the Shelbyville, Martin and Bradley areas.

One of the most popular Xocai weight-loss chocolate products in Middleville is Xocai Sipping Coco. However, Xocai offers an entire line of dark chocolate products. There is a product for every type of Wayland chocoholic. At Xocai, we encourage Wayland chocolate lovers to ‘replace the bad with the good.’ With Xocai, you can enjoy superior health and superior chocolate.

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Wayland Antioxidant Chocolate Drink

Antioxidant Chocolate Drink In Wayland Its the time of year when many people in Wayland want to curl up with a steamy mug of hot cocoa. What Middleville chocolate lover doesn’t want to sip a mega-calorie concoction of high cholesterol saturated fats mixed with cavity causing sugars?

It doesn’t sound quite as appealing when you tell the truth about the conventional hot chocolate sold in Middleville stores. Shelbyville and Martin hot chocolate drinkers will be happy to learn that there is one brand of healthy antioxidant hot chocolate: Xocai Sipping Chocolate. Xocai, the company that created the healthy chocolate phenomenon has created a premium product for the hot cocoa lover.

Traditional hot chocolate mix is made with cocoa powder that has been stripped of its cocoa butter. Xocai Sipping Chocolate is made by melting solid dark chocolate that is packed with flavanoids and antioxidants. Xocai Sipping Chocolate is rich and creamy. You would never know it is good for your heart and won’t make you gain weight.

Many scientists are currently studying the health effects of dark chocolate and their conclusions continue to be overwhelmingly positive. Healthy chocolate has been shown to lower blood pressure, suppress appetite, decrease inflammation and (not surprising) elevate your mood.

Curl up with a steamy mug of Xocai sipping chocolate – The Healthy Chocolate Drink. Does life get any better?

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All-Natural Energy Drink

Middleville Dark Chocolate I am Derrick Winkel, a Healthy Chocolate Proponent in Wayland. I am excited to tell you about Xocai Activ drink.

Of course the ingredients in Xocai Activ drink are nutritional powerhouses: unprocessed cacao, acaí berries, blueberries and concord grapes. (I would expect no less from Xocai, the original antioxidant chocolate company.) However, what Activ does not contain is equally important.

Xocai Activ has NO:

  • Added colors
  • Artificial flavors
  • Preservatives

Xocai has formulated Activ for the Wayland purist who wants an all-natural energy drink with the highest antioxidant content of any drink sold in Wayland.

Even though Activ contains no preservatives, you don’t have to worry about it spoiling. It is sold in powdered form which keeps for a year without losing its nutritional value. To make a delicious chocolate health drink, add ten ounces of warm water to the Activ powder and shake well. Then add eleven ounces of cold water and refrigerate overnight. Some of my Shelbyville Activ drinkers like their shake a little thicker so they add slightly less water.

My active Martin and Bradley Activ lovers who are always on the go appreciate the fact that Activ dark chocolate drink comes in powdered form. It is lighter than bottles or cans of liquid and takes less space in a backpack or suitcase.

Activ is the ultimate antioxidant beverage for the active Middleville lifestyle!

If you would like an Activ Xocai review or information about other Xocai products such as Xocai Sipping Coco, come join me at my next Wayland Xocai meeting.

Call me at 949 412-1001 or email me at and I will let you know the time and place and answer any questions you may have about Xocai antioxidant chocolate.

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Direct Marketing On The Internet From Wayland

Middleville Home Business If you are a network marketer in Martin or Bradley, you probably already use Facebook and Twitter to promote your business. If you are a Middleville person who uses Facebook and Twitter for fun, have you ever considered making money while you interact online?

I use Facebook, Twitter and my Winner’s Circle International online store to sell Xocai Xe. I am also generating residual income by building a Middleville direct marketing team.

Network marketing in Middleville is nothing like it was twenty years ago. Distributors were required to sell products in person, often to Martin friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, you still often need to sell Xocai Sipping Coco and Xocai Xe in person, the point I want to stress is that you can also do it online, too.

I can show you how to build a successful internet business with Winner’s Circle International.

With your own online store and social networks you can:

  • Find new Xocai Sipping Coco customers
  • Run email campaigns
  • Grow your Winner’s Circle International team
  • Communicate with your team members
  • Strengthen Xocai Xe brand identity
  • Create a Xocai Sipping Coco customer database

I am Derrick Winkel. I live in Wayland, Michigan. I became a Xocai Sipping Coco distributor in October 2005. My phone number is 949 412-1001. My team is doing great selling Xocai Xe online.

If you would like more information, contact me today.

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Marie Osmond Loves Xocai Chocolate

Wayland Weight Loss Chocolate Note: Marie Osmond is not a Xocai spokesperson. This post references an article from 2010.

Because Xocai healthy chocolate is quickly gaining popularity in Wayland, many wanna-be healthy dark chocolate products are popping up. (This is yet another example of the fact that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.) Some of the healthy chocolate companies trying to get in on the action tout ‘high cocoa content’.

So what’s the deal with ‘high cocoa content‘? First off, high cocoa content does not necessarily guarantee a healthy Middleville chocolate product. If that product also contains a considerable amount of saturated fats, refined sugar, wax, and preservatives, ‘high cocoa content’ can mean very little; you have to know your chocolate.

Secondly, the cocoa powder used in virtually all chocolate products sold in Shelbyville, Martin and Bradley has been stripped of its original nutrients. Remember, Xocai antioxidant chocolate is processed with a patented cold-press method that retains the nutrients in the manufacturing process. There is no weight-loss chocolate like Xocai because Xocai has a patent on the cold-press method.

“Numerous studies have confirmed the benefits of healthy, dark chocolate. Of course, it’s crucial that any chocolate be processed properly to maintain its nutrient and antioxidant content. The good news is that Xocai healthy chocolate products provide just that.”
-Dr. Steven Warren

Xocai recently received an enthusiastic endorsement from Marie Osmond who happens to eat Xocai chocolate daily. Would you like Marie promoting your business? I’m Derrick Winkel, Healthy Chocolate Proponent in Wayland. Contact me at 949 412-1001 or to start a profitable antioxidant chocolate business in Wayland and the surrounding areas.

I’ll be back

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