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Wayland Can Lose Weight With Chocolate!

I want to share this exciting video with my friends in Wayland Michigan because it brings some wonderful news: You can lose weight eating chocolate! It’s true!

In this video you’ll see a Channel 2 News Health Watch report about losing weight with chocolate. Channel 2 interviews Andrew Brooks, the founder of Xocai. Andrew talks about our recent Lifestyle Study in which each participant lost about 6 inches off their waste size!

Dean Miceli, a participant in the Xocai Lifestyle Study, says he has adjusted his target weight DOWN because he believes he can achieve more weight loss using Xocai Meal Replacement Shake; Amazing!

Dark chocolate is loaded with anti-oxidants, and with the inclusion of acai, you are getting an incredible amount of antioxidants and nutrition in a great tasting healthy chocolate.

If you are interested in learning more about Xocai healthy dark chocolate, or want to learn how you can lose weight with chocolate, please give me a call; I’ll be happy to share all the great tasting details!

—Derrick Winkel; I enjoy my xocai healthy chocolate!

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Xocai Has Nothing to Hide In Middleville Michigan

Middleville Largest MLM List If you are researching network marketing companies to join in Middleville, how can you identify a legitimate MLM? Can you trust Wayland MLM watchdog sites that assure you that they are fair and impartial? The Shelbyville MLM watchdog sites I have encountered refuse to print contact information with their MLM reviews. What are they hiding?

If you are like me, I want to know the real people behind any Middleville home business opportunity I am considering.

Jeanette L. Brooks and Andrew N. Brooks are the founders of MXI corporation, the makers of Xocai antioxidant chocolate. You can read about them at Here is what they have to say to people like you who are considering becoming a healthy chocolate distributor in Shelbyville, Martin, or Bradley:

“We’re honored that you are interested in joining our Xocai Healthy Chocolate Family in the Middleville area.

We are anxious for you to experience for yourself the benefits of our industry-leading products. Each product has been formulated to provide you with a significant amount of antioxidants from our exclusive blend of cold-pressed cacao and freeze-dried acai berries without the refined sugars and unhealthy fats, fillers and preservatives found in most other chocolates.

We hope that you decide to join our Healthy Chocolate Family.

By doing so, you will be able to experience better health and increased wealth as you pursue your goals and dreams with the Xocai products and the Healthy Chocolate business opportunity.”

Jeanette Brooks has nothing to hide. She stands proudly as the face of MXI corporation. MXI’s sales record speaks for itself. MXI’s products are scientifically sound. The Xocai residual income opportunity in Wayland is legitimate.

What you see is what you get. And with Xocai–you can get it all!

I am also a proud member of the Wayland Xocai healthy chocolate family. If you want more information about Xocai antioxidant chocolate, let’s meet for a face-to-face discussion.

I can be reached at 949 412-1001.

I’ll be back

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The Vitamin D/Sunscreen Dilemma In Martin

The Vitamin D/Sunscreen Dilemma In Martin For the past thirty years or so, dutiful Martin parents have been slathering their children with sunscreen when the little swimmers or soccer players head out into the sun. Martin dermatologists and oncologists have urged us to be vigilant about skin cancer risks.

That’s all well and good, right? Then we started hearing about the importance of Vitamin D.

As it turns out, millions of American children, many here in Martin, are dangerously deficient in this elusive nutrient.

Vitamin D is important for bone health, cell growth, immune system function, and keeping inflammation in check. Ironically, researchers are finding evidence that Vitamin D can help prevent many types of cancer.

What’s a confused Martin parent to do? Martin pediatricians don’t encourage parents to stop protecting their children from sunburn, but many say that 5-20 minutes of unprotected exposure may help ensure that your child has adequate levels of Vitamin D. When it comes to sun exposure, a little goes a long way.

If you wonder whether your Martin child needs Vitamin D supplements, talk to your Middleville pediatrician or primary care doctor.

This site is for Martin people who are dedicated to improving the health of children in the Middleville area. I am Derrick Winkel. I sell a nutritional product that Martin parents can feel good about. If you would like to try Xocai Xe, contact me by phone or email.

Derrick Winkel
Wayland, Michigan  zip code
49348    949 412-1001
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Do Your Wayland Kids Get Enough Fiber?

Do Your Wayland Kids Get Enough Fiber? In the eighties, the importance of fiber garnered a lot of public attention in Michigan. Bran appeared in cereals, muffins, and cookies, and whole wheat bread sales skyrocketed. You don’t hear much about fiber these days, but wise Wayland parents still serve high-fiber meals and snacks daily.

We all know that fiber is important for healthy bowel function, but this is not its only benefit. Middleville people who eat a high-fiber diet keep their cholesterol numbers in check. Numerous studies have shown a relationship between fiber intake and LDL levels.

Wayland children fed diets rich in fiber are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Fiber-filled meals have lower calorie-volume ratios. Fiber is also important for blood sugar, as it can slow the rate of blood sugar absorption.

Do your Middleville children get enough fiber? School lunches rarely feature whole wheat breads and most kid-friendly snacks have too little fiber and too many empty calories.

Though it takes a little extra effort to locate fiber rich foods in many Middleville grocery stores, everyone in the family will benefit from increasing their fiber intake.

Xocai has several high fiber products that kids love. The Xocai X Protein Meal Shake has 8 grams of fiber per serving. Xocai Activ provides 28% of the daily recommended value for dietary fiber. Xocai healthy snacks and beverages are a great way to help your kids stay healthy.

Children’s Health Advocate Derrick Winkel
949 412-1001
Xocai Xe
Xocai Sipping Coco

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Reinvent Yourself in Middleville

Wayland MLM Secrets Do you want to reinvent yourself in Wayland? This woman can show you the way.

The brilliant, friendly, and multi-talented Jeanette Brooks has never met a career she didn’t like. She has used her degrees (Bachelors in Speech Pathology, Master’s in Educational Administration) by working as an Aphasic Teacher, Easter Seals Camp Director, Diagnostics School owner/director and Speech Pathologist. (In case you were wondering, an Aphasic Teacher works with people who suffer with Aphasia, a debilitating speech disorder.)

As if those careers were not enough, Jeanette has also built three multi-million dollar companies!

Her current venture, MXI Corp., is exceeding all her previous successes. Jeanette L. Brooks is President and Co-Founder of Xocai Healthy Chocolate. This revolutionary direct marketing company is helping many Middleville men and women become financially independent by selling Xocai antioxidant chocolate to people in the Shelbyville and Martin area and around the world.

Wayland Xocai fans are discovering that you can enjoy chocolate everyday without risking your health – as long as you eat Xocai antioxidant chocolate with Acai berries.

Independent Bradley Xocai consultants are profiting by helping their health-conscious Wayland chocolate customers lose weight and feel better by eating Xocai dark chocolate. Wayland people of our generation believe anything is possible – even chocolate that promotes cellular health. When Middleville men and women hear about the health benefits of Xocai healthy chocolate, they say things like, “I have always had a hunch that chocolate is actually good for me!” or “I knew that eventually someone would figure out how to turn my favorite indulgence into a health food!”

I reinvented myself in 2005 by becoming a personable Wayland Xocai distributor with my own Middleville home-based health and wellness business. My Wayland team is called Winner’s Circle International and we are living our dreams.

You can contact me at 949 412-1001.

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Relax In Wayland Over a Steamy Cup of Healthy Cocoa

Middleville MLM Secrets There is something special about savoring a steamy cup of cocoa here in Wayland. For centuries, Europeans have enjoyed afternoon tea, a ritual that allowed them to relax and spend a few minutes with a friend or family member. You can begin your own tradition of taking a daily ‘hot cocoa‘ break, a time when you slow down and recharge your batteries.

Your hot cocoa break in Martin does not have to weigh you down with fat and high-fructose corn syrup. Xocai Sipping Xocolate tastes too indulgent to be good for you, but it contains the antioxidants and flavonoids found in the other super-healthy Bradley Xocai chocolate products.

Your cocoa break can also be a Middleville ‘health break,’ when you enjoy a drink that boosts your immune system, helps protect you from chronic diseases, and energizes your body and mind.

When would be a good time for you to enjoy Xocai Sipping Xocolate? In the morning when you are going through your emails? While reading the Middleville Sunday paper? When you are snuggling up with a child or grandchild to share a story or movie? While driving to your Bradley office on cold winter mornings?

Perhaps you are burned out on Middleville coffee. Try Xocai Sipping Xocolate for a healthy change of flavor. Xocai Xocolate is the ‘espresso’ of premium hot cocoa.

In our complex, fast-paced world, a daily hot cocoa break is one of life’s simple pleasures. Xocai President Jeanette L. Brooks’ mission is also simple; to promote good health, well-being, and the opportunity for an abundant life through Xocai antioxidant chocolate.

I share Jeanette’s philosophy. If the Xocai message resonates with you, let’s get together. We can talk while sipping the healthiest cocoa in Michigan.

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Middleville Mega-Meals: Don’t Eat The Whole Thing!

Middleville Mega-Meals: Don't Eat The Whole Thing!

It’s no wonder that many Wayland children and teens struggle with weight issues. What is considered a ‘normal’ food portion has been getting bigger and bigger. In some cases, as with gargantuan Wayland fast food soft drinks and Middleville Costco muffins-on-steroids, it is absolutely ridiculous. And extremely unhealthy.

The findings from three large national surveys demonstrate:

‘Hamburgers have expanded by 23 percent; a plate of Mexican food is 27 percent bigger; soft drinks have increased in size by 52 percent, snacks, whether they be potato chips, pretzels or crackers, are 60 percent larger.’1

Wayland restaurants and Middleville food and beverage manufacturers are not the only ones sabotaging our children. Portion sizes have increased in homes, also.

If Wayland parents are going to help their children maintain a healthy weight, learning proper portion sizes is critical. If we don’t know the size of a healthy portion, how can we teach our children?

The Mayo Clinic website has a great slide show that helps Middleville parents and other children’s health advocates understand what ‘4 ounces’ or a ‘half cup’ actually looks like. You can see it here:

To order a terrific nutritional product for Middleville kids, call me today!

Derrick Winkel   949 412-1001

1John McKenzie, ‘Food Portion Sizes Have Grown, A Lot,’ ABC News, Jan. 21, 2011,, accessed on June 28, 2011

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Connect With Your Bradley Target Market

Connect With Your Bradley Target Market If you are a Bradley home based business owner with an online store, you have probably learned some of the basics of mass communication on the web. Today’s article focuses on how to refine your marketing efforts to connect with your core group of potential customers: your niche.

My niche, for example, are people who could benefit from Xocai Sipping Coco and would be most likely to buy it from my Xocai Sipping Coco home based business. Since this is a fairly broad group, I have broken down my target demographic into smaller sub-categories.

I have a category called ‘New Xocai Sipping Coco customers who have never tried a similar product’ and a category called ‘Customers who have used inferior Xocai Sipping Coco copycat products.’ I also have a category called ‘People who are interested in the Xocai Sipping Coco business opportunity for supplemental income’ and another called ‘People who are interested in a Xocai Sipping Coco business as a full time career.’

Anyway, you get the idea. Now let’s talk about connecting with your niche. Here are some suggestions from our helpful social media experts at

Subscribe to three other blogs in your target market industry and read them at least once a week. Remember, these businesses do not have to be Bradley home based businesses or Middleville network marketing businesses. They simply need to be business blogs sponsored by businesses in your industry. In other words, these guys are targeting your market also.

Quoting other blogs is a great way to establish yourself as a hub in your niche and demonstrate your connection to the industry.

Link to other relevant sites. Don’t let your site become a dead end for visitors.

Make comments on other blogs in your niche. This establishes yourself as an active participant in your community and will help raise your site in the search engine rankings.

Any Bradley internet business owner can follow these simple steps to engage with their niche. I have been doing them for a while and am amazed at the results.

Are you looking for a way to become a new Bradley home based business owner? Call me today. I have the product, company, and business plan that will ensure your success.

Derrick Winkel   Wayland, Michigan 49348   949 412-1001

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